Tim Peake Enters ISS

Tim Peake has entered the International Space Station. UK Astronaut Tim Peake has entered the International Space Station which will be his home for the next six months.

Finally after a year of Terrorist Attacks and people praying on religious hatred toward and receiving, it’s great that we have a good news story.

Let’s be honest in the whole of International Space travel and the likes this really isn’t a massive story, there have been many people who have been on to the Space Station however this is the first person in 25 years to board who is British.

This is why the British media has been going nuts just because it’s the first in a quarter of a century.

I love how the BBC haven’t give a reason for why he has gone up. Clearly he Space Geeks will obviously know but the lay man won’t know. So I’m going to say they were doing something about and in a lack of Gravity.

Tim Peake has become the first person to enter the International Space Station. Well it seems like a brilliant achievement for him but some how I don’t think most of the world cares.


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