Cameron Says Britain Will Have A Brand New Deal With The EU

Britain will get a new deal from the European Union in 2016. David Cameron has said the UK will get fundamental Changes in it’s deal with the European Union in 2016 after talks with EU Leaders in Brussels.

Let me just pick myself off the floor after the Hysterical reaction of what Cameron has just come out with. What a total idiot.

Well there are two things I can surmise from this negotiation. Firstly the EU have flat out lied to Cameron and secondly Cameron is bloody retarded to believe it.

Well I think he would believe it as he wants to stay with the European Union.

They aren’t going to give us a new deal. We know they aren’t going to give us a new deal. What they will give us more integration and more control from Brussels. That all they are going to give us.

At least we now know what we suspected all along. It’s a failure.

Hopefully this will bring more people to the out campaign. We need as many people who can see the light and  vote for us to come out of the hideous institution.

David Cameron has told us that the UK will have a new deal with the EU in 2016. Well he must be a bad liar or a very stupid man to believe that.


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