Liam Fox Will Vote Out

Liam Fox will vote out in the EU Referendum. The former Conservative Defenses Secretary Liam Fox has said he will vote for the UK to leave the European Union.

So we now have a credible voice with in the European Debate and not a strong voice that people will just pass for a crazy or racist. I don’t like to say it but that’s what people have passed Farage off.

I find it interesting that a former Defense Secretary has said that he will vote no. This I think show that leaving the European Union will not damage us in the Defense front and infarct might actually strengthens us in that area.

I really do hope this comes as a massive boost for the out campaign.

However the best thing what he told Cameron.

Stop trying to renegotiation or look like your trying it won’t work. Let’s face it he’s just said what most people are thinking that the European Union won’t give up and stay on the road to closer Union and we will be dragging Europe in to it.

Liam Fox has said he will vote out during the European Union Referendum. At least there is somebody with in the Government that has some common sense.


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