Iraqi Army Takes IS Stronghold

Iraqi Forces are advancing in to Ramadi. The Iraqi Army are advancing in to the center of Ramadi are launching a major assault to drive the Islamic State from the city.

Is this the victory we’ve expect and wanted for over a year?

The thing is this… Have the Iraqi Forces done this themselves or have they done this with the help of Western Forces.

If it has been all thanks to Iraqi Forces by themselves then well done to them. Fighting Islamic State must be the hardest thing to do because let’s face it they are fanatical loons who are willing to die for their twisted cause.

If this has been done with the help of Western Forces then it just proves how much we can help in this battle. It also proves that it is right to go in to Syria to get rid of Islamic State.

Is this the point we have finally turned the point in the battle against Islamic State? I really hope so because that would just be the best way to end this year.

Iraqi Forces have taken an Islamic State stronghold. Well hopefully we have turned a corner in this war against Islamic State.


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