One Dies After Cars Ploughs In To Costas

One person has died and five injured in a car accident. A woman has died and five people have been injured when a car ploughed in to a coffee shop in Kent.

It’s great to see the day before Christmas we have a good new story. Last year we had the crash in Glasgow and this year a car has been driven in to a coffee shop killing somebody.

Unlike the Glasgow incident there seems not to be anything major of to this story. Everybody seems to  be shocked at this. Granted there will be a few people who will be spending there Christmas in Hospital.

Yes it’s a sad for them but they are going to be living on the rest of their lives. Last year in Glasgow was a lot worse.

The Coffee shop was a part of the Costa’s Chain. The thing is that this will do nothing for the company’s reputation. Granted they might have to hire a few new members of staff after people have been traumatized and have left.

Granted that is the managers problem not Costa’s problem.

One person has died after a car ploughed in a Coffee Shop. Well at least it’s not as bad as other Festive accidents.


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