Part Of The North Flooded Amid Heavy Rain

The North Of England has been Flooded. Heavy Rain has caused flooding in Yorkshire and Lancashire with rivers over flowing in Leeds and Manchester.

So I’m guessing when they talked about the Northern Powerhouse they didn’t mean a power house of rain and flooding. However the Powerhouse has been flooded.

I know I complain about the ill prepared nature of the UK when it comes to bad weather but I don’t think we could have dealt with this and what is yet to come in the next few hours.

Granted this is seems to happen every year and we never learn. Why don’t we learn?

As two of the biggest and most important cities in the North of England have been flooded you do wonder what might happen to the economy.

I do wonder that if the Government had paid more attention to the North instead of the South after the last bad floods would the North have this problem?

I actually do think that we would have better flood defenses. That is one thing I am sure of. Granted London is in the South so it is more important.

Northern Parts Of England have been flooded. Despite the fact that this was unavoidable I can just imagine it would be a lot better if the Government spend more time on the North than the South.


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