Cameron Defends Flood Defense Spending

Cameron has defended spending on flood defenses.  David Cameron has defended the British Government’s spending on flood defenses after widespread devastation across parts of Northern England.

Well it’s probably the right thing to do if you’re in power however it’s clearly a load of Bullshit. If they had spent more on flood defenses then  large parts of Yorkshire and Lancashire wouldn’t be flooded right now.

Granted I can imagine if you live in the south of England,  the Government has spent the right amount on flood defenses. Especially in the last two years,

Funny thing is that the Environment Agency has said that the flood defenses aren’t up to scratch.

I don’t want to sound sarcastic in situation but my goodness you think. Very large parts of the North have been flooded and now you say that say that flood defenses aren’t good enough.

So it looks like the Government and the Environment Agency will be a logger heads on this subject. You know what? I’m going to fall down on the side of the Environment Agency here. It’s clear the money hasn’t been spent that why parts of the North have been flooded.

Cameron has defended the funding on Flood Defenses. Well I don’t think that Cameron is right in this subject we could be spending more money and more in the North.


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