Fire Sweeps Through Dubai Skyscraper

A huge fire has broken in Central Dubai. A huge fire has broken in a high-rise hotel in hotel in Central Dubai close to the world’s Tallest Skyscraper, the Burj Khalifia.

I know this is a very sarcastic comment but my goodness somebody has a massive insurance payout in the morning. If that engulfs the whole building the owner are going to get some right money in the Insurance Payouts.

Well for the first time in ages it looks like we can rule out terrorism with this story. Sadly this is a relief. It’s been awful to think that every fire or death was caused by Terrorist.

This could have been sabotage but it could have been an accident. It could go either way.

I get the feeling that some idiot has got some fireworks and stupidly let them off. There is somebody everywhere that seems to do something stupid.

Granted it looks like nobody has been killed in this story thankfully.

Well Happy New Year Dubai, it’s been an exciting start.

A fire has broken out in the center of Dubai. Well I’ve got to say that the start of a new year that has started with a bang.


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