Two People Die In Bar Shooting

Two people have died in a Bar Shooting. Two people have been killed and seven injured after a gunman opens fire with an Automatic Rifle in a bar in Tel Aviv, Israel Police have said.

Well this is a good start to the new year. We’re already a few hours in and I can see it kicking off in the Middle East very soon.

An unknown shooter has opened fire in a bar in Israel. The Police have said they don’t know who committed this crime but we already know who the Israeli Government are going to blame.

Then they will sprout their usual Bullshit to the media. You can see in being written now.

Israel haven’t had the chance to bomb the crap out of Palestine. This gives them the chance to take part in a legitimate bit of mass murder. Remember it is all backed up by the Americans again.

Two people have died in a Bar Shooting in Israel. It looks like we will hear the sound of war drums in the very near future.


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