Mass Protest’s Take Place After Saudi Arabia Executes Shia Cleric

There has been massive protests across the Middle East.  Mass Protests have sparked up across the Middle East after Saudi Arabia executed Shia Cleric Sheikh al-Nimar.

Well somebody is trying to piss of their neighbours and the people around them. This isn’t a good start for the Saudi Authorities.

The main vocal group in the condemnation in the Iranians. Well this is going really going to push the envelope of danger in the area. The Iranians aren’t going to let this lie, they aren’t going to take this.

You really hope that they won’t try to push this to the point of war. The whole region could destabilize to the point of war between two regional powers. I honestly think that the Iranians are going to put the Pressure on the Saudis.

Then who will the Americans stand with on this subject.

Saudi Arabia and America have been allies for years but you have got to remember that the Americans and the Iranians have just become friends. If the Americans come down on any side on this they are going to piss one of them off.

Sorry America you are going to be in a loose, loose situation if you think of entering a conflict. Stay out

There has been mass protests against the Saudi Authorities after they killed a Shia cleric. Well it is a rather stupid thing to Saudi Arabia, if hell comes to you door I hope the West don’t help you out.



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