Cameron Call Spies Killing ‘Desperate Stuff’

Spy killing video is desperate stuff. The video of a young man with a British Accent killing five British Spies has been described as ‘desperate stuff’ by David Cameron.

You know what I really do think that, that kind of response is really weak from an elected head of state. I would expect something a bit stronger from Cameron.

I really don’t think that this video is desperate. This is a video we’ve seen over and over again. It seems to work. What it does show us is that there are people in Islamic State of every nationality.

What is does show that people are loosing the battle against extreme Islam and they are able to reach anybody in the Islamic Faith with some kind of temptation. Granted I’ll admit that the majority of people won’t be tempted over to the dark side.

Cameron’s response to this situation has been absolutely limp, pathetic. I would expect a stronger response especially as we are meant to be at war with these people. I don’t expect somebody to shrug this whole thing as desperate.

I want to hear from Cameron how we are going to stop these people not that they are desperate people.

Cameron  has called the latest video from Islamic State as Desperate Stuff. I really expect to hear stronger words from Cameron in this situation not just brush it off as desperate stuff.



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