G4s Staff Suspended Over Abuse Claims

Seven members of Staff at G4S have been suspended. Seven Members of G4s’s staff at a Young Offenders Institute in Kent have been suspended after filmed abuse was presented by the BBC.

G4s really are not fit for purpose. Every time they are in the news they have royally screwed up. So really I’m not surprised that they are back in the news with abuse being on the agenda.

Well it’s great to see that we put already troubled youths in to a system that is meant to reform them and they just get physically abused.  The idea of power going to somebodies head and taking it too far is behind this one isn’t it. I actually makes me a little sick that this has happened. The kids are already screwed up, G4s are probably making it all whole lot worse.

I very much doubt that this will happen but I do hope they get this contract removed from them. If the Government still holds confidence in them after this royal blunder then we have to wonder how bad the judgement of a certain Government department is.

As the head of G4s can go around saying he is appalled by this but it has happened under his watch.  I think it’s time to step down and take a lot of the blame with him on this one.

Seven members of G4s staff have been suspended for abuse. Well nothing really surprises me  any more when it comes to G4s. I think it’s time the company is closed down.



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