Junior Doctor’s Should Get To The Table

The Junior Doctor’s Strike is unnecessary.  Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has called the Junior Doctor’s strike unnecessary as he urged members of the negotiating team to come back around the table.

Well I actually agree with him on this subject. This strike could put people lives at risk. We need Doctors. This should have been cleared up day or even weeks ago. We should not have got to this stage.

I do wonder if this was a Labour Government and a Labour Health Secretary who offered this contract if they would have accepted it. If think they would have, I think the Union Bosses are trying to get one over a Conservative Secretary.

The teachers did this with Michael Gove and succeed and now the Doctor’s are doing with Hunt. Then there will be somebody else following that.

Hunt is right. They should be around the table until they reach an agreement. It what is best for the people. Hunt should give a little and the Doctor’s give a little. This is what we want to hear from both sides.

Stop trying to give people a bloody nose. You’re hurting the people you are trying to help here.

Jeremy Hunt has said that the strike by Junior Doctors is unnecessary. This is something I agree with and they should all go back to the table.


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