US Thank Iran For Swift Return Of Sailors

The Us have thanked Iran for returning Troops. The US has thanked the Iranian Government for the swift return of 10 Navy Sailors who were held after they entered Iranian Territorial Waters.

I’m going to say this now, this is going to be the Political Non Story of the month. This really isn’t a decent top story.

Firstly it sounds like the American went in there by accident. I bet this can be easily done. It was a mistake and thankfully nobody has been hurt and the Iranians have returned them like they should do.

Granted in this world of Iran and America being all buddy thanks to Obama making the peace I expect this to happen.

However there is another reason for this to happen.

Saudi Arabia. Let’s face it does all kick off between the Iranian and the Saudis the Iranians are going to need help and not for America to go on the Saudis side. Granted I don’t expect the Americas will take sides.

However I wouldn’t want to piss off the Americans on this subject because I wouldn’t want the Americans to take sides against me.

America has thanked the Iranians for the swift return of !0 Naval Officers. For the Iranians sake I don’t think they had the choice on this subject.


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