Iran Reaches Nuclear Deal Requirements

Iran has met in Nuclear Obligations. The International Nuclear Watchdog has put in measures to start their Nuclear Deal will see them pave the way for International Sanctions to be lifted from the country.

Well that’s one thing the Israeli Government can’t complain about now. They’ve spent so long trying to paint Iran as the Devil, now that Iran is falling in to line it’s one less thing they can cry over.

With all the crap we’ve been hearing coming out of the Middle East over the last few months and the amount of horrible attacks that have taken place it’s great to see that there is at least one good news story coming out of that region.

It has been depressing for a long time.

This whole story has been a testament to the work of the Iranian President. Him and Obama have obviously worked hard and pushed this through. Iran has met it’s obligations. I can’t imagine saying that 5 years ago.

It’s also great to see that Iran will soon be entering the fold as well. The people in that country will probably a lot better off diplomatically.

Iran has met it’s obligations to reach it’s Nuclear deal. This whole story has been a testament on how working together really does benefit the world.


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