UK Could Keep Trident But Without The Warheads

Britain could have a Nuclear Deterrent minus the Nuclear Warheads. Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that Britain could keep the Trident Submarine fleet but with out the Nuclear Warheads.

And today in Jeremy Corbyn’s stupid ideas…

In the perfect world I would like us to dismantle the Trident System but over the last few years we have stopped living in a perfect world far from it now. We sadly need this now, we sadly need a Nuclear deterrent.

I would like to know where about Jeremy Corbyn’s sanity is. This has to be the most stupid idea I think I’ve heard in the whole Trident Debate. They want to give us a Nuclear Deterrent but they don’t want to arm it.

Well people that is actually a crazy idea.

In this political state with the likes of Islamic State and North Korea being a threat to Western interests and the West as a whole the idea of a pointless deterrent is totally stupid.

I do wonder if Corbyn want’s the Labour Party to actually survive or just join The Greens because at this point in time I can’t see how he is going to get a Labour Government under his leadership.

Jeremy Corbyn has suggested of keeping the  Trident Fleet but with out the Nuclear Warheads. Well Yeah another stupid suggestion from Jeremy Corbyn.


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