Tata Steel To Lay Off Over 1000 Employees

More than 1000 people will loose their jobs in Port Talbot. More than 1000 people will loose their job in Port Talbot as Tata look to get rid of staff from their plants mainly in South Wales.

This has to be the worse 12 months if you happen to work in the Steel Industry.

So this is probably going to destroy the whole of the South Wales economy and going to leave a lot of people jobless. This is something that this Government can’t have if they don’t want to loose voters to Labour and the West Nationalists.

This is all because Tata can not make a profit… and why?

Because China has been filling the market with cheap steel and the British companies can not compete with them. Again British Markets are struggling and failing to cope with foreign markets.

And who is the Government buddying up to?…. China

You really can’t make this up. British people are loosing money and jobs to the Chinese and the British Government are getting cosy with them so they can get Nuclear Power Plants.

And the British suffer again.

Tata are having to lay off 1000 members of staff. It’s a sad day but the worst thing is we are loosing this because of the Chinese whilst our Government is buddying up to said country.


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