Putin Probably Authorised Litvinenko Murder

Putin Probably authorized the murder of Litvinenko. The Russian President Vladamir Putin probably authorized the murder of former Spy Alexander Litvinenko the inquiry in to his murder has found.

So a Inquiry that has basically come up with a conclusion of nothing. Putin has probably killed an ex spy. well that’s not very solid now is it.

I would have taken this more seriously if this whole thing hadn’t have sprung up after the whole rubbish in Ukraine hadn’t started. Let’s face it, this has only taken place because we don’t like the Russians at this moment in time.

The whole Narrative of the official events does stink to high heaven.

If you were a professional Assassin and you were trying to poison somebody with Nuclear crap then why would you be stupid enough to leave Isotopes and a trail of them all around London. It does feel incompetent.

The result feels a little weird to me. If we weren’t out the get Putin then it would sit a lot easier with me. I really do feel that the whole trial is to discredit Putin and the Russian Government. It won’t help the Government in anyway in this narrative.

Putin has probably killed an ex-Russian Spy according to a report. Well to be honest I don’t really believe it and it’s a whole load of tosh.


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