42 Migrants Drown Of Coast Of Greece

42 people have drowned. 42 people migrants have died in 2 separate shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea.

And now the migrant crisis is back on the front lines. I don’t want to sound harsh but I can imagine that the left will be up in arms so it won’t end well for the rest of us.

Again the migrant crisis has claimed another load of lives. I do feel sorry for them as they have lost their lives but I really does point out how dangerous the crossing between Turkey and Greece really is.

After all this time I and all these stories about people dying  I do wonder why people are paying a lot of money to do these crossings. It surprises me.

Granted the Germans invitations hasn’t helped this problem. When you give somebody a warm welcome even when your people don’t want it, you are going to get the flood gates opening and millions of people coming through.

I really think that they shouldn’t have made the invite. It has caused way too many problems across Eastern Europe. Merkel got what she wanted by letting people in but it’s the rest of Europe who has suffered in all of this.

42 people have died when a ship wrecked on the voyage to Greece from Turkey. It’s a sad story to hear but this is what you get when you send an open invitation from people fleeing warzones.


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