Hunt Apologizes For NHS Failing

The NHS will learn lessons after a one year old die. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says the NHS will learn from serious failings that lead to the death of a one year boy.

Another child story and it’s another child death that could have been prevented.

So let’s put things in to prospective about the whole story. In 2014 a one year old boy died of blood poisoning whilst GPs and 111 helpline could not diagnose the problem.

At this point the whole country seems to be against Hunt. The opinion of the country has been turned against him because of the problem with the Doctor’s strike. He really had to say something for the British to not get all pitchforks on his arse.

I don’t think that Hunt should be apologizing for the unfortunate incident. The head of NHS Cornwall should be grovelling to the people. It’s the NHS’s fault that they couldn’t diagnose the problem not Hunt’s.

Granted people will want to have a witch hunt against him and put it directly on the line for blame.

What is the NHS going to learn from this? Seriously they couldn’t diagnose poisoning. The thing that should be done is to put more money in to detecting these problems. If we ‘learn lessons’ are we going to do anything of note.

Jeremy Hunt say that the NHS will learn lessons from the poisoning of a one year old boy. I think that we need to put more money in to diagnosing problems and dealing with these problems.


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