Levi Bellfield Has Admitted To Killing Millie Dowler

Levi Bellfield has admitted to killing Millie Dowler. Serial Killer Levi Bellfield has admitted to raping and killing 13 year old girl Millie Dowlerf for the first time, according to Surrey Police.

Can we put an end to the horrific story that has engulfed Britain in modern time and has also closed down a Newspaper?

So the person who was convicted of murdering Millie Dowler 5 years ago has now admitted to the crime. I know this sounds a little bit sarcastic but I think it’s a little bit too late for him now. He probably admitted to what he had done because he knew that it was all over for him.

The thing is that there is possibly another person who was involved in this crime.

You would think that finding out the killer of your daughter has admitted the crime would put their minds to rest. Then you find there is somebody else could be involved. That just makes it worse for the Dowler family. They know that there is another person walking around who killed their daughter.

It’s a rather horrific idea to think about.

The killer of Millie Dowling had admitted to killing the Teenager. It’s a horrific thing to think about at least the person who has done it has admitted to his crime.


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