Turkey Claims Russia Violated Their Air Space

Turkey claims Russia has violated it’s airspace again.  Turkey has said that Russian jets have violated their airspace and has summoned the Russian ambassador to Ankara.

So the Russians have violated Turkish Airspace again. Call me skeptical but some how I don’t believe the Turks.

We already know that the Turks are paying for the Oil produced by Islamic State and we know that the Russians have been able to hit at least one of convoy that was heading to Turkey from Syria.

Yeah the Russians are causing a lot of problems for the Turks in the last few months.

I could believe the Turks story if they hadn’t shot down a plane that was 20 miles in Syrian Airspace.

Can you see why I am a bit suspicious.

At least they are trying to look like they are going the right thing. Even though they are bullshitting everybody. I would to see the conversation between the Turks and the Russian Ambassador because the Russian know that the Turks are in the wrong.

Turkey has claimed that the Russian have violated their airspace. Well I really so believe that this is a rather dubious claim because the Turkey is funding Islamic State through Oil Sales.


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