EU Deal Worth Fighting For

The EU deal is worth fighting for. David Cameron has said that the draft deal to keep Britain will deliver the substantial change and what he’s been asking for and is worth fighting for.

Let’s face it, no no no it is not worth fighting for. What it is worth is to throw it in to the bin.

There is no need to fight for our future with in the European Union. We know that is is dead or dying and we don’t need to be apart of it.

The fact is that we know that this deal is a big pile of Horse Shit.

We already know that David Cameron is going to have a deal that is rubbish and the EU got it’s own way. We know that Cameron would give Europe everything they want whilst pretending to do negotiations.

I can’t wait to read the full document cos I know it is total bullshit.

David Cameron says that the EU deal is worth fighting for. Well I can imagine that he is deluded and it’s not worth fighting for. It’s worth throwing in the bin.


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