Cameron Wants TO Be Judged ON EU Deal

Cameron would like to be Judged on the EU Deal. David Cameron has said that he is more than happy to be judged on his EU reform deal before he faces a grilling from MPs.

Here is my judgement on David Cameron. You are a looser and you have failed to bring anything to the British people that is worth while. The whole negotiations have been a sham.

So was that too judgmental.

David Cameron has really dug himself in to a hole with this comment. The people will judge him and people will take there own political stance on what he has done in these negotiations. Some people will think he has done wonderful other will see the truth.

Let’s face it though Cameron has set the bar so low that even if he got half of what he wanted then he could go back and  victory for all.

He is still biging up what he has done so far. Makes him sound positive and confident but we all know it will make he look a little foolish when push comes to shove and he all get to vote what he’s done.

David Cameron has told people to judge him on the EU reform deal. Well It don’t think the nation will judge him nicely.


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