10 Die In Train Crash

Several people have died in a German Train Crash. At least 10 people have died and scores more have been injured as two trains collided in the German state of Barvaria, German Police have said.

I think this has to be the first train disaster after the high speed train crash in Spain a couple of years ago.

I really do feel like I keep on doing these disasters and crashes and I feel like I’ becoming numb to disasters. I hear that there has been a death toll and it’s something I’ve heard and I’m not emotionally effected.

So this has happened because one of the drivers were stupid enough to jump a Red Light. Somebody jumped a red light and now a group of people have died.

Now 8 people have died and there is going to have to be an investigation in to it. What is it going to find out? That somebody was stupid and now a load of people have died. This really looks like it’s just a stupid accident fro human error that should not have happened.

10 people have died in a train crash in Germany. Such a horrible tragic accident that has been caused by human error.


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