Assad Vows To Retake Whole Of Syria

Assad will retake the whole of Syria. The Syrian President has said that his intended to retake the whole of Syria from rebel forces.

So the events of the last few months have now given the whole world and Assad a kick up the backside. The kick that we have really needed in this stupid conflict.

So there is going to be a cease fire of sorts in Syria and this is going to help get aid in to the country. This is what it is needed. There needs to be somebody to is going to put their fighting to one side to help the people in Syria.

Assad is not against this the idea of a cease fire but he will carry on fighting against terrorists. So he is for a cease fire but he still wants to fight those people to he deems Terrorists until he get control of his country back.

Well this is going to make the war last longer as I can’t that the rebels are going to back down and the West don’t want him there either.

Assad says that he will not stop until he gets the whole of Syria back. Well it looks like the Syrian Civil War is going to last for a longer than it could have.


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