EU Deal In Doubt

The EU deal looks in doubt. David Cameron’s hope of getting an EU Deal by Friday is in doubt as haggling continues at the EU Summit.

Well yesterday I was asked if smoke was being blown up our arses and it looks like the answer is yes. There is no desire to give the British a deal on our membership of the EU.

None what so ever.

Well let’s face it this deal was never going to happen was it? Why would the Eastern European Countries give up the chance of receiving Child Benefits from Britain and going straight in to their economy.

It’s a no brainier for them isn’t it, of course they are going to turn down this part of the deal.

Well this is good news for Britain. If anything this will allow the out campaign to gain more momentum. They can use this to prove that Europe does not want to change and will go down the path that they have already chosen.

Win one for the good eyes in my eyes.

David Cameron has lost hope of trying to get an EU deal by the end of Friday. Well shock horror the EU doesn’t want to change from the path you were going.



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