Osborne Warns Of Fresh Cuts

Fresh Cuts maybe coming. George Osborne has warned he may have to make a fresh set of cuts in next months budgets.

He may have to make some new cuts in the budget… let’s translate this to he will make some cuts in next months budget.

I just love how this warning of things to come, starts with the word may. He might as well just come out with is going to do it. We would appreciate the up frontness of this a lot more than what he is doing and that is skirting around the edges of the subject.

I’m honestly surprised that the Government can cut anything else this time. For the last five or six years it has felt like they have cut everything and it feels like there is nothing left to cut.

Yes I know that sounds very biased from me but that is what it feels like in the long run.

The thing is that they have given the left a gold mine to attack them with. Granted they could say they are preparing for a post EU future for Britain and it will scare people in to voting the way they want.

Osborne has warned that we might get fresh cuts in the budget. Well that will happen for certain then.


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