Migrants Rip Down Fence On Greek Border

Migrants have ripped down a Barbed Wire Fence. Macedonian Police have fired tear gas at a crowd of migrants who destroyed a barbed wire fence on the Greek border using a make shift battering ram.

So the rush of the migrant to Northern Europe continues and where ever they go they seem to have a knack of wanted destruction.

I love how we are now getting border controls across most of Europe and nobody can say anything because we know it’s the right thing to do because it’s slowing down this stampede of people trying to get to Northern Europe.

Governments are finally realizing that it is the right thing to do in this crisis.

Actions like this have proven that they don’t respect the law and people’s stuff because they wouldn’t be trying to batter there way through border controls. It’s all about the and what they want.

I’ll openly admit that I feel sorry for the Greeks. They have been left on the arse end of this whole situation and it feels to me that certain countries will let them sit there and suffer.

The great it not our problem argument.

Migrants have tried to ram their way through border controls in Greece. You have to wonder how much trouble they will cause until the EU finally does something about these people.


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