Adam Johnson Guilty Of Child Sex Crime

Adam Johnson has been found guilty of child sex charges. Former England Footballer has been found guilty of count of sexual activity with a 15 year old girl.

No offence to this trial but he was going to be found guilty from the very beginning of this case going to court. Even if he was innocent of the charge in question there would be people out there who would still consider him guilty.

Granted he did confess to having sexual activity with this girl.

After the Ched Evan case there was only one way he was going to plead and that was guilty. If he hadn’t had confessed to this crime then he would have got sent down anyway and when he did get out and tried to get a new club then the whole of the world would be up in arms over it.

Remember we have seen this with Ched Evans.

I’m not trying to make light of what he has done but was he going to get a fair trial?

This has been trial by media in some regards. It has been dragged through the media and everybody knows his details. The thing is he’s a footballer so there will be people who hate him because he is a footballer.

Adam Johnson has been found guilty of Child Sex Offences. Well that is his life very much over as well as his career.


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