EU And Turkey Hold Summit Over The Migrant Crisis

The EU and Turkey are holding a key Summit. The European Union is holding a Key Summit with Turkey in Brussels on ways to deal with migrant crisis which has become the worst crisis since World War 2.

Well this is not a summit that I have any confidence in.

There is only one thing this summit is here for and that is to let the Turks hold the European Union to ransom to get what they want. By the sounds of it they want more money off the EU and they also want fast track entry in to the European Union.

Well let’s face i, they have already got that because the Germans will allow it.

At this point in time I can imagine that there will be some countries out there who will try to fight this but Germany will get their own way they always do. They will bully who opposes them to get their own way.

The Germans want the Turks in the EU so the Turks will get in to the EU. The rest of Europe can be damned.

The EU is holding a summit with the Turks regarding the Migrant Crisis. Well lets face it that is Turkey joining the EU in the next year or so.


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