Government Defeated On Sunday Trading Bill

The Government has be defeated on their Sunday Trading  Bill.  Plans to overhaul Sunday trading laws have been dropped after the Government was defeated by MPs.

Well the idea of longer Sunday trading laws in England and Wales is something that scares me a slight bit. I’ll admit that now.

If it was up to me there would be no Sunday trading what so ever. This is not for Religious Reasons it because that people in retail should have at least one day off and we should give the whole country Sunday’s off.

I love how the Tories have rebelled on this subject. People are saying that the Conservative are in the middle of a civil war if that is true then this could be one of the small cracks that is showing a civil war.

This law has been rejected but it’s really hasn’t bee by much. Looking at this I have been larger rebellions from all parties. Just look at the Labour Party during the Syrian Vote and that was a larger Rebellion.

The Governments Sunday trading bill has been rejected by MPs. As a person who works in retail, I’m glad that this has happened because the current laws work fine as it is.



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