Russia Pulls Out Of Syria

Russia are pulling out of Syria. In a surprise move Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to withdraw the main part of Russian Military that are in Syria.

Well this should be an interesting twist in the events of the Syrian Civil War.

So is this a surprise?

Well saying that they were pushing the war in a direction towards one of the sides actually winning I would say that yes this is a surprise. There has to be something behind this because they were making difference in that war.

I very much doubt that the Syrians have asked them to leave. Let’s face it they were Assad’s biggest ally. So yeah I can’t actually imagine that Assad has told him to leave.

How is this going to effect the War in Syria?

Well it’s going to last a hell of a lot longer than it did before.  When Russia first entered the Frey I honestly thought that they were going to end the war quickly but now Russia has backed out I can see that the War is going to last for a very long time.

This will be something the West will be happy about.

Russia has decided to pull out of Syria. Well this some make the Syrian Civil War last a lot longer than it could have been.


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