No More Benefit Cuts

There will be no further cuts to the Welfare Budget. Minister have said that there will be no more cuts to benefits are they abandoned cuts to disability payments.

Welcome to the biggest U-Turn the Conservative Government have had and will ever have.

This is going to be seen as a massive gloating point for the left. There are going to be parts of the left would you this to stick it to the Government due to the fact Osborne has had to pull away from further cuts to the benefit budget.

This has to be a terrible start to the career of Stephen Crab as the Work and Pensions secretary.

These cuts have been unpopular, you can’t deny that but the fact that these have been forced on the Cameron and Osborne is just humiliating for them. They wanted to go ahead with these cuts but IDS leaving has just put them in a situation that they couldn’t back out of.

Does this leave the Government in a state of shambles. No I don’t think so really. Many Government have had to do U-turns. It’s just another one that has happened.

The Government has said that there will be no more cuts to the Benefit Budget. Well that is something that we needed to hear.


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