Man Suspected In Belgian Terror Attack

Belgian Police are hunting a man after a Terrorist Attack in Brussels. Belgian Police have said that they are looking for a man as a suspect for the Brussels Terrorist Attacks took place earlier today that has killed more than 30 people.

The words Terrorist Attacks are being used way too often during the last few months. I really does feel like we are having Terrorist Attacks every other week.

It’s not just in America or Britain, it’s Belgium or it Turkey. That’s the shocking thing.

So who has claimed responsibility for this?

Well shock horror it’s another attack by Islamic State. Yeah well that’s not surprise. They have been behind every other attack in the world as of late. There really is no shock behind the whole story behind that.

So what are we going to do about it?

We can hunt this person that they said they were looking for but after they catch him. It’s going to be another person after that and it will be another attack after that. We will bomb them again and again and the cycle will continue and continue.

The Police are hunting for a man who is a suspect for the Terrorist Attack in Brussels. It’s another sad attack that we have got to live with and is a sign of the times to come.


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