Two Brothers Identified As Terror Suspects

Two Brothers carried out the Brussels Terrorist Attacks. The Two suicide bombers from Yesterday’s attack in Brussels have been revealed to be two brothers who were Belgian Nationals.

You wonder how much you must hate the country you come from to attack innocent people in an airport. How much you must hate your fellow nationals to want to see them killed.

Even if you had been brain washed to fight some kind of Holy War, you would go for America not Belgium. America is get but blowing up an airport in Belgium I just don’t get.

The Belgian Authorities have found a written statement from one of the bombers.

The man was depressed. It honestly sounds like he had written a suicide note. He probably wanted to kill himself to end it. This seemed like an easy way to end it all.

But it does make you think about who Islamic State are recruiting.

They are taking the vulnerable and training them up to be killer. They are training the weak to kill people. If they are recruiting the mentally ill then these people need to be looked after to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Belgian Authorities have identified two attackers from the Belgian Bomb attacks. Well it really is the news you don’t want to hear because it makes monsters of people.


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