Brussels’s Attackers DNA Found At Paris Sites

DNA from one of the Paris Attackers has been found at Brussels Airport. Belgian Officials have names the second suicide bomber from Wednesday’s attack at Brussels Airport as Najim Laachraoui and have said that his DNA has been found at Sites of November’s attacks in Paris.

So it looks like both attacks have now got a link. Granted they were both Islamic State attacks so you’d expect that link.

So it’s been a couple of days since the attacks and they have arrested suspects in France, Germany and Belgium. I’m guessing they are linked to the attacks on Brussels.

So the questions must be asked

  1. How many IS suspects are there in Europe
  2. What will the fall out be from both Paris and Brussels

I’m guessing the answer to number 1 is, we have no idea. We really can’t count that number because there are thousands if not millions of people coming through from Turkey and have not ended up in different countries across Europe. There are bound to be people in those groups who are extremists.

I don’t think people will be able to comprehend what could happen. There will be people who will use this for a Racist rallying cry. There will be a lot of people out there who will not like what has happened.

DNA from one of the Paris suspects has been found at Brussels Airport. Well it looks like Islamic State are planning a chain of attacks across Europe.


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