Terror Suspect Set Free

One of the Belgium Terror Suspects has been freed. A man known as Faycal C who is the only person who has been arrested and charged with last weeks attacks in Brussels has been freed due to a lack of evidence.

So it’s been six days since the Terror Attacks in Brussels and they have to let the only person they had with a connection to the attacks go. This is not going to play well with people across Europe.

There are going to be people who will use this for political leverage. People are going to use it for their own political gain.

So I’m guessing the only evidence they actually have is this person pushing a trolley through the Airport next to the Suicide Bombers. Yeah well let’s face it that really isn’t that much evidence in the end.

I really don’t think they had any other choice to let him go.

The thing is this is going to stir up a lot of anti-Islamic feeling across Europe. This is going to be used as a rally call. The fact that a suspected Terrorist has been let off. They will use the European Union as the reason and throw Multi-Multiculturalism in to the mix.

The only suspect in the Belgium Terror Attacks has been set free. Let’s see how the far right use this to their advantage.


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