Government Won’t Buy Steel Industry

The Steel Industry will not be nationalized. Sajid Javid has said that nationalizing the Steel Industry is not the answer for the steel industry in Port Talbot as the owners of Tata plans to sell the entire UK Business.

Firstly it’s great to see that the BBC are concentrating on Port Talbot in Wales when Tata has four sites in Yorkshire where people could loose their jobs.

There must be people on the left who are sobbing over the fact that the Government won’t be trying to buy the Steel Industry back. Let’s face it owning the Steel Industry and Reopening the Coal Mines are a wet dream for the like of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Steel industry is fucked let’s face it, what ever they do the Government are screwed. They buy the industry they could on a failed business that is losing a million pound a day. If they don’t buy it the and it folds the Government are seen as screwing over the Industry.

One is that has been said is true… ‘we need to save the industry’

If Port Talbot Works goes then that is a whole community gone. We’ve seen it in former mining communities. When the Coal Mines went it destroyed communities and some of them haven’t recovered 30 years later.

The Government are refusing to nationalize the Steel Industry in Britain. Well if the people loose their jobs people are going Demonize the Government for letting another Industry going Belly up.


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