Cameron Girfted £200,000

David Cameron was given a £200,00 gift. David Cameron’s mother has said that she gave him a £200,000 gift after his father’s death which could have avoided Inheritance Tax according to his records.

So the financial workings of David Cameron is following around like a bad smell. Where ever he moves or what ever he does this off shore account his father had seems to rear it’s ugly head.

The man can not win on this subject.

So let’s face it Cameron did financially benefit from his father’s off shore dealings but let’s also remember that Cameron has paid the taxes he was meant to pay. It’s all good running around trying to paint Cameron as the devil but he paid his taxes on his incoming from these offshore accounts his father had.

I think at this point it is important to note that Cameron has released his Tax Return.

At least there some to be some kind of accountability in this subject. We know where all his taxes has been paid. It’s something that I have commend him for. I know the left don’t like but Corbyn hasn’t released his taxes and I’d like to see them if Cameron has released his.

David Cameron’s father gifted him £200,000. Well that was a nice gift, I’m sure the left will use it to beat him round the head.


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