Trade Deal Could Take Up To Ten Years

Trade deals between the US and Britain could take years. Barack Obama has said that it could take up to 10 years to negotiate trade deals between the US and Britain.

Well Obama is really beating the drum on this subject. The longer he is going to be here, the more he is beating this drum. He really wants us to know his opinion on the matter.

The thing is that we have only got a few months left and then he has to step down from his role as President. So let’s face it his opinion doesn’t really count for very much. If the next person who moves in to the White House want’s to makes deals with us if they want.

The problem with this is that Obama is let’s face it  he is trying to sway the British voters to vote with his opinions. There will be people out there who will vote the wrong way because he said so. For a foreign leader this is very dangerous opinion for a person to hold.

He’s a man with power leading people down the wrong path.

Barack Obama has repeated himself by saying that it would take years for a trade deal to be agreed between Britain and America. Well thank goodness he’s out of office soon and his opinions don’t count.



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