A gang of 8 have been jailed for a Telephone Scam. Eight men have been jailed for a phone scam that defrauded pensioners with in the United Kingdom out of £1.

Why is it that these stories come up they are a group of Asians. Go on the BBC page for this story the 4 people on the picture are Asian. Is it that Asians are more likely to commit crimes as a group or is the BBC trying to run some kind of narrative?

But these people did commit these crimes.

Let’s start with the fact that they were able to scam £1 out of pensioners. You’ve got to admit that the fact they prayed on elderly people is pretty sick. They picked an easy group of people and exploited them. It was smart and it was lazy of them. They could have done a lot better.

The shocking thing is that these people were being tracked by Anti-Terror Police. That is something that makes you think. Where was the money going to?  and why were anti-terror police involved?

It’s scary to think that these people were collecting money for Isis and if they were being targeted by anti-terror police that’s probably where it was going.

A gang of people have been arrested for scamming money out of pensioners. They deserve everything they get whilst they are in prison.


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