Syrian Refugee Camp Hit

A Refugee Camp has been hit. A Refugee Camp in Syria has been hit in an air strike in a rebel-held region of the country killing 28 people.

The Tragedy that is the Syrian Civil War continues and continues, despite their being a ceasefire it looks like the war is carrying on.

Let’s start with the fact that there is somebody who has hit a refugee camp. There is a Government out there who sanctioned this attack. There is a sick bastard out who did this.

Shock Horror there are people who are blaming the Russians. Well that does feed in to the narrative that the Russians are evil and can’t be trusted. This is why I believe the Russians are getting the blame for this crime.

I’ll tell you who is to blame for this… Turkey.

Let’s face it they’ve bombed there own people to get Western Support. They’ve antagonized the Russians to get support from the West. This will cause loads of people to go Europe and out of their backyard.

This really only benefits the Turks as it causes more people to go to Europe and they can blame the Russians.

28 people have died as a Refugee camp is hit in Syria. I totally point the finger of blame at the Turkish Government.


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