Osborne and Gove Come To Blows

Osborne an Gove have come to blow. Michael Gove and George Osborne have come to blows after Gove said that the UK could pull out of the EU with out damaging trade.

So the fun and unity of the Council Election are over and now it’s time for The Conservatives Civil War to re-begin.

The subject of today’s battle… Trade.

And we come up with can the EU punish us on the trade front if we pull?

The question should be will the EU punish us for standing on our two feet and not let this country be ruled by Brussels. If the EU wasn’t so petty then I think we could hold out on our own. The fact is that they need us more than we need them.


The EU are pathetic so I can imagine they are going to put trade barriers ups.

The thing is that this civil war is going to damage the party and let dangerous people like Corbyn and Sturgeon in to bigger positions of power. This is something that we don’t need.

Gove and Osborne have come to verbal blows over trade in a post EU world. Well I think that Osborne should shut up and listen to a voice of reason like Gove


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