Cameron Calls Nigeria Corrupt

David Cameron has called countries corrupt. In a conversation with The Queen and The Archbishop Of Canterbury, David Cameron has described both Nigeria and Afghanistan as ‘Fantastically Corrupt’.

Commence Back Peddling, Commence Back peddling really fast.

This has to be the conversation that nobody in political circles wanted people to over hear. The worst thing about it, is that the media has got it and it’s the top story on BBC News.  This is the funniest news story of 2016. It really is.

I’m going to start on the fact that there is an anti-corruption summit. Seriously what are they expecting for these countries to reform. Well if that’s the case then can we not waste money on this. If they are still corrupt now then they will stay corrupt.

I love the fact that a private conversation between three people has now offended world leaders. They can act all offended if they want but it is well known that Nigeria is a corrupt country.

The fact is that Cameron has just stated facts and if the Nigerian President is offended then he needs to check his feels.

David Cameron has called Nigeria and Afghanistan corrupt. Well that is the best gaffe to be picked up by the media that will happen today.


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