Junior Doctor’s Dispute Over

The Junior Doctors Dispute is over. The BMA ad the Government has come to an agreement regarding the long running Junior Doctors Contract Dispute.

Hurrah the NHS has been saved. Sorry I mean that the BMA has ended their little crusade against Jeremy Hunt. Let’s face it that is what it was, this was never about future of the NHS or Patient safety this was all about trying to be rid of Jeremy Hunt.

It was nothing short of a crusade against one person.

I just love how the BBC have decided to call this a break through. Let’s face it they could have done this months ago instead of dragging their heals and I’m talking about both sides here. It was for the good of the nation that this thing should have been sorted out quickly but they dragged it out and the public took sides.

Then there comes this problem next. The Doctors then have to agree to it. I think that there are a lot of hard left wingers who will reject this because it’s a Tory idea. The thing is I can imagine the medical profession if full of these types of middle class people who hate the Conservatives.

The Junior Doctors Dispute has come to a final end. Finally Patients needs can be put first instead of political agendas.


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