EgyptAir Plane Goes Missing

An EgyptAir Plane has gone missing. The Greek and the Egyptians have been giving conflicted reports regarding a missing EgyptAir plane after debris that could be the missing plane was discovered in the Mediterranean sea.

I’m sorry but is it safe to fly these days. We seem to have had a few high profile plane disappearances or drownings over the last couple of years compared to what I can remember in recent history.

So does anybody else think it’s a bit strange that a second plane that is associated with Egypt has gone down in less than a year. Granted the first one was downed by Islamic State so it’s worrying that this second one could have happened again.

Islamic State could have brought down a second plane coming and going from Egypt.

The plane is missing  but we don’t know where it is. We don’t know.  The Egyptian Government thinks they found the debris of the plane but the Greek don’t agree with them.

This is going to be a massive job to find this plane.

An EgyptAir planes has gone missing over the Mediterranean. This really is a scary thought and we could have another plane brought down by Terrorists.


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