Row Erupts Over Turkey Veto

A fresh row has emerged in the Conservative Party regarding Turkey.  A fresh row has began with in the Conservative Ranks as David Cameron said that Britain would be able to veto Turkey joining the EU which is the absolute difference to Europe Minister Penny Mordaunt told Robert Peston.

One of those two are lying and I can guess that the person who is telling Porky Pies is Mr Cameron.

It’s rather fun watching this Civil War taking place with in the Conservative Party because it’s a group of rather horrible individuals fighting over something they should be united on. They should be united on this whole subject but they are at each other throats.

But let’s look at this new argument that has erupted.

Do we have a Veto on the subject of Turkey.

Well even if we did have a Veto it would be pointless. A referendum in Holland the other week went on deaf ears. The EU want something and they ignore the people of Europe to get what they want.

If the EU wants Turkey within the Union, Turkey will join the EU. Let’s face it the Germans want the Turks with in the European Union. It’s going to happen.

Even if our Veto did work, let’s face it David Cameron isn’t going to Veto this move. He wants Turkey in the European Union and he told the Turks that he will help them get in to the European Union.

So this argument is kind of pointless because if we do stay in, we will see the Turkish People become EU Citizens.

A fresh war has erupted with in the Conservative over Turkey joining the EU. Well let’s face it as the Germans want the Turks with in the European Union, it is basically going to happen.


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