Project Fear May Backfire

The over blown project fear could alienate voters. Nicola Sturgeon has warned thath the Government’s ‘overblown’ claims about the economic impact of Britain leaving the European Union could risk alienating the voters.

Finally somebody on the remain side talking sense in this whole debate. I’ve been falling out with the SNP since they wiped Labour out of Scotland but I actually like what she’s saying this time round.

Some how I don’t think this has anything to do with the voters but has more to do with twisting the knife in the Government’s back. If the whole point of this current SNP leadership wasn’t to annoy the Government then I would have seriously come to the conclusion that she cared about the voters.

But let’s look at her claims… This is alienating the voters.

I disagree. What it is doing is pushing people towards the out camp. People are getting sick  so these over blown statements and they are moving towards the exit camp because they know it’s the right move for Britain.

however as Sturgeon didn’t even want a referendum she doesn’t want people going to the proper side.

Nicola Sturgeon has warned of people being alienated by project fear. oh dear is she losing grasp of what she wants in politics.


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