Salmond Rejects Project Fear

Alex Salmond has reject project fear. In a BBC debate former SNP leader Alex Salmond has rejected the ‘scaremongering’ used by the treasury to support the remain side.

Well there is point when this EU referendum get to the point of stupidity fro people and tonight was the night. This BBC debate was pointless it was a bunch of people under the age of 30 yelling at each other. It really didn’t benefit the larger debate.

So the SNP has echoed themselves from the other day. I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again. The SNP seem to be the only people who don’t seem to be talking rubbish in this debate.

It’s worrying that these people are the only people talking sense in this debate as they didn’t even want to have a referendum.

If think that Cameron and the Tory Party need to use them as an example of how to fight this debate. It’s the only logical way to fight this fight.

Alex Salmond has rejected Project Fear. Well it’s another SNP member who is talking sense and that is worrying to me.


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